RST Visits Cardigan Show


Rural Skills Trust at 2014 Cardigan Show

At the Cardigan Show, the Rural Skills Trust’s practical and mobile field set-up for working on local farms stood in clear contrast to the glistening, gleaming  industrial agricultural machinery.  The Trust attracted much attention and interest from show-goers.  Many people stopped to rest in the shade of our field shelter, on a beautiful July day, and discuss the critical importance of rural skills, the history of the tools used, and the current issues affecting woodland, particularly Ash Die Back.

Rural Skills Trust spent the day demonstrating green wood-working, basketry and a range of tools for hedge-laying and coppice management.   Hedge-laying and Coppice Management are important skills to learn.  These courses will teach both practice with a wide range of traditional tools, and generate substantial benefits for both the farms and the wildlife.

Rural Skills Trust are also deeply concerned about the fate of Ash Trees in the Teifi Valley.  The Ash Tree, one of our most common native trees and an extremely useful woodland resource, is under threat from a fungal disease.  The disease appears to kill more than 99% of trees.  Rural Skills Trust are initiating a project to save the Teifi Valley Ash, by proposing a project to collect and record a wide sample of local ash keys. Planting them in infected ground in Eastern England, and noting the surviving trees and using those parent trees as a seed source back in the Teifi valley as local replacement stock.


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