Coppicing Courses Autumn 2014

November 3rd-5th and November 24th-26th – Cost £90

Why go on this Course?  

IMAG0880Coppicing produces wood fuel which is CO2 neutral. If you coppice a tree and burn the wood it puts CO2 into the atmosphere. Ten or 15 years later the tree has re-grown, and put the same amount of carbon from the air into the tree. It stored the energy of the sun ready to cut and burn again. Regular coppicing will also produce materials suitable for a whole range of products which are 100% biodegradable: small poles for building structures, hurdles, thatching spars, hedge stakes and binders, frame baskets, plant supports,  turned stools, chairs, pegs, handles and  the list is endless! The wildlife and plant value are also enhanced by letting in more light and allowing new growth on the woodland floor. The 3 day course will be a basic introduction into coppice management. No prior skill or experience are needed.

What will you learn on the course?

How to identify the main native broadleaved trees Basic principles of the coppice cycle Coppice products and their uses Practice how to cut a coppice with traditional axes and billhooks. Setting up a cord Coppicing and climate change.

Who will be teaching you? 

 shavinghorses 023Bob Smith is an experienced tutor in traditional rural skills including coppice management, hedge-laying, green woodworking and yurt making. He has worked on environmental projects for 20 years in particular setting up a rural skills school in West Wales where he co-wrote and help deliver a 6 month sustainable rural skills apprentice scheme.

Where will it take place?  

Outdoor and wet weather clothing and footwear are required. All tools will be provided or bring your own. We will be working on a small local farm near Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales. A shelter will be provided near the work site for inclement weather. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

For more info please email or phone Jules Wagstaff Mob 07964530436

Email  Website

Please email or phone Jules Wagstaff Mob 07964530436 Email


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