Hedge-laying  October 2015

Why go on the Course?

Healthy laid hedges provide a stock-proof fence, a significant windbreak which contributes to the welfare of stock and a woodland corridor for birds, plants and small mammals. This course is aimed at those interested in learning and practising hedge laying in their local community. The 4 day course will take you through the skills and knowledge to enable you to tackle laying a hedge. No prior skills or experience are needed.

What will you learn on the course?

Basic principles of hedge-laying its benefits to wildlife and stock-proof features Practice how to cut with a range of traditional axes and billhooks How to successfully pleach and lay a hedge Hedge staking and binding Identify the main hedgerow trees and shrubs

bobrusticyurtWho will be teaching you? Bob Smith is an experienced tutor in traditional rural skills including coppice management, hedge-laying, green woodworking and yurt making. He has worked on environmental projects for 20 years in particular setting up a rural skills school in West Wales where he co-wrote and help deliver a 6 month sustainable rural skills apprentice scheme.

farmsunsetWhere will it take place?

We will be working on a local farm in West Wales.  A shelter will be provided near the work site for inclement weather. Outdoor and wet weather clothing and footwear are required.

 To Book a Place or for More Info Please email or phone Jules Wagstaff Mob 07964530436 Email deassart@btinternet.com


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Rural Skills in West Wales

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