Basketry Course Info

Why go on the Course?
These workshops are designed to encourage those leading a practical life to make their own biodegradable containers. All you need is a good source of material which you can grow on your land and a basic set of skills. It doesn’t have to be fancy just practical.
Our traditional farming heritage is rich and
diverse. Before the onset of plastics and a whole
host of modern materials the farm worker had aDSCF1462
set of weaving skills which they would use to
make practical baskets to aid their work. These
were often passed on through family members,
young farmers clubs and community ties. This is
what we are encouraging people to do again.
What will you learn on the
This course is an intensive designed to
pass on the basic skills and knowledgeIMG
you need to make baskets for your
practical work and domestic life.
You will decide how you use your time
and what projects you wish to learn. You
can book all four days or a few days.
Choices of projects include: celtic frame
basket, round basket with side handles,
handled carrying basket, celtic creel,
other projects: apple picker, herb and
flower drying basket and plant supports.IMG_0002
A range of handouts and books will be
made available, optional short films on
basketry shown on projector in the

Who will be teaching you?
Jules Wagstaff (PGCE )is an experienced
tutor she began over 17 years
ago collecting hedgerow materials to
make frame baskets. She continues to
build her skills for use in landbased living
and co wrote and help deliver a sustainableIMGP2284
livelihoods apprentice scheme in West
The satisfaction with basketry is that it is
a sustainable craft. It allows anyone with
little or no money and few tools, to create
a large variety of useful goods in a
way that is 100% sustainable.

 Where will it take place?                                                                                              We will be working in a Tibetan style shelter based next to a small woodland, near Newcastle Emlyn West Wales. Camping on site:£5 per person per night.


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